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PON Product Family

cortina chipCortina offers a complete PON system-on-chip solution with very high density, scalability, and price and performance ratio. Cortina's complete system solution integrates all the functions implemented between ONU chips located at customer premises and OLTs at the central office. It embeds multiple components in a single chip including SerDes, on-chip memory for ONU, and microprocessors for intelligent control and management. It also incorporates multi-layer protocol functionality and packet processing into a single chip.

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Single Family Unit (SFU) ONU SoCs

Home Gateway Unit (HGU) ONU SoCs

Optical Line Terminal (OLT) SoCs


Field Proven

  •  AnyPON™ xPON solutions deployed in top tier networks around the world
  •  Tested and field-proven against stringent global operator & carrier requirements


  •  Industry-Leading solutions for latest FTTX access technologies
  •  Industry-Leading BOM and Power-optimized PON and Gateway Solutions

Complete Solutions

  •  Comprehensive SDK software and hardware designs
  •  Partnerships with leading OEMs and ODMs for fast time-to-market